About Us

Mary & May,
A guide to true clean beauty

Mary & May aims for clean beauty that captures good ingredients in full disclosure.
All ingredients are EWG green grade, animal testing is prohibited, and raw materials that cause skin troubles and irritations such as 16 harmful ingredients are thoroughly excluded. Ingredients with clear skin improvement effects are contained in sufficient amounts to increase immediate effectiveness and create a synergistic effect by combining the best raw materials and technologies.
We transparently disclose how much of the ingredients are included to encourage a healthier and smarter consumption by providing information on ingredients that can be easily understood just by looking at the name of each product.
Mary & May practices eco-friendly values in attempt to protect the Earth by using only recyclable paper packaging and eco-friendly soybean oil ink.

Mary & May started with the belief that different solutions are needed for different skin types and conditions. Rather than pursuing a standardized ideal skin with general, standardized ingredients, we focus on individual skin potential. Mary & May studies each individual's different skin concerns and proposes a skin care solution tailored to you.
Mary & May skin care products are divided by functions, so you can easily choose and use solutions and combine them to suit your skin's concerns, such as whitening, moisture, sedation, anti-aging, and antioxidant.
Eight types of serums to choose from according to each unique skin concerns can be easily selected by anyone without professional skin consultation and you can choose the serum that suits your condition each day, and layering more than two products to suit your skin condition also made possible.

The best product with ingredient know-how,
Sufficient amounts of active ingredients with transparent content labelling
easy to understand information and reasonable price

Mary & May is dedicated to becoming a partner
in this journey discovering every woman’s most beautiful self.



We aim for a clean-beauty that excludes harmful ingredients and contains only essential natural ingredients for quick effects.


A functional skin care brand that contains sufficient amounts of ingredients
that are sure to be effective through intensive research. We use only top-quality ingredients to create highly effective skincare solution.



Contains enough active ingredients honestly to increase the efficacy.


Transparent disclosure of active ingredient content, providing ingredient information that anyone can easily understand, and reasonable price, so that everyone can access professional products.